Midi Onodera
Moving Image Artist

2016 marks the sixth year that I will be embarking on an annual online video project. Over the years I’ve found myself considering the online world more when I develop a yearly theme. There is no doubt that social media is firmly embedded into the fabric of our lives and has expanded the ways we communicate with each other. This year I am looking into the world of polling and how social media has influenced the way we traditionally engage with public voting, even though my first poll advised me against it – “should I use social media polling to create my video project for 2016?” 36% said “yes”, whereas 64% said “no”. I decided to ignore this.

Social media polling or poll apps seem to be more about public engagement and a means to discover people’s opinions, not simply yes/no responses. Although there are polling apps that require the user to have a number of followers, the more interesting ones are anonymous and open to everyone. Most of the questions I’ve encountered are quite innocuous and do not require more than a second’s thought. But the difference between social media polling and conventional polls is the exchange of comments the question can evoke. I encourage you to have a peek into the world of online polling. Each month new poll questions will be available on this site, via PollDaddy but for a wider range of polls check out Pyne. You can find me at @midio.

Poll Question: Why do you respond to poll questions?
22% Avoid things I should be doing.
52% It’s fun and harmless.
13% My opinion matters.
13% Comment – “Ah something to do” “#PyneOrDie”


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My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance. —Erma Bombeck


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What does 2016 mean to you?