Midi Onodera

Annual Report (2015)

Identity politics hasn’t disappeared, its just taken a 21st century digital twist. Who would have imagined that the once thought-provoking, quietly reflective term, “self portrait” would morph into the narcissistic, self-aggrandizing, word: “selfie”. It’s all about me…and you should be interested in my Tweets, my Instagram pics, my Facebook posts and Vines. Social media and public posts have become the cracked mirror before us, demanding insight into the constructed self. How we choose to be seen, which filters we apply over our personal skins do not reveal the genuine self, but rather a projection of our publicly consumable identity. This is our personal brand. So in 2015, I have decided to attempt to define my brand and clarify my key message statements. Over the next year I will be releasing monthly video reports along this theme and at the close of the project I will have complied my Annual Report on me.

humble beginnings

The view from my studio window.

Posted January 1, 2015

humble beginnings 2

Never part of the crowd.

Posted February 1, 2015

humble beginnings 3

Patience isn’t just a virtue it’s a necessity.

Posted March 1, 2015

strategic growth

Because everyone gets hungry.

Posted April 1, 2015

strategic growth 2

Perspective is everything.

Posted May 1, 2015

strategic growth 3

“Fun” is in the word funicular.

Posted June 1, 2015

developmental measures

It’s just a cat and mouse game.

Posted July 1, 2015

developmental measures 2

Water is a powerful philosophical element.

Posted August 4, 2015

developmental measures 3

Apophenia is a human tendency of perceiving patterns or connections in random or meaningless information.

Posted September 1, 2015

future projections

My mind’s eye has a brain of it’s own.

Posted September 30, 2015

future projections 2

Sometimes what you see isn’t really there.

Posted November 1, 2015

future projections 3

Cemeteries are never just for the dead.

Posted December 1, 2015