Midi Onodera

Senseless and Random (2019)

2019. This is the year the phenomenally breath-taking anime, “Akira” is set. Fictitiously the future is here and in that spirit this year’s video project is a faint reflection in a mirror we have yet look at. Speculative and science fiction have become the go-to genres we use to contextualize our reality and find a way to reflect on our global anxieties.

This year’s series title, “Senseless and Random” is in homage to Jack Womack’s exquisitely imagined novel, “Random Acts of Senseless Violence”. Published in 1993, the story is set in a near-future Manhattan and told from the perspective of a 12 year old girl. Written 25+ years ago, the pre-apocalyptic landscape of Manhattan feels more like a future visible on the horizon of today. The videos for this year are not necessarily about the present-future, they are more about random thoughts, unreal realities, and senseless current events. Welcome to the future!

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