Midi Onodera

Spam Baam (2021)

Time to clean out that inbox.

Spam has been around since May 3, 1978 when Gary Tuerk sent out the first spam email. Tuerk worked for the Digital Equipment Corp (DEC) and sent out 400 emails inviting people to a product demo of the DECSYSTEM-2020, 2020T, 2060 and 2060T computers. It received such negative reaction that it wasn’t attempted again until about 10 years later.

Here we are in 2021 and we continue to get those unwanted emails. Last year I received a strange spam message that actually told a short story. Yes, there was a fake YouTube link to click on and a bit of Russian, but it wasn’t the usual shill for erectile dysfunction or free money from a stranger. I was intrigued. In December, my inbox was suddenly overwhelmed with spam, pestering me to DO SOMETHING! So, this year’s series is on just that, Spam.

I am pleased to be partnering up with musician, performer and video artist extraordinaire, Jackie Gallant who will be providing the sound design for this year’s videos.

buckle up


Posted December 1, 2021


Posted November 1, 2021


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Crystal Clear Water

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I have a small question for you

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