Midi Onodera

The Perfect Word (2014)

The Perfect Word is a dance installation that features ten dancers in successive six-minute solos; it was performed over 12 continuous hours for Nuit Blanche Toronto 2014. The dancers use movement, voice and projected image to describe the symbolic meaning of a single word in their mother tongues.
The installation was co-produced by Peggy Baker Dance Projects and Canada’s National Ballet School.


Camera & Visualization: Midi Onodera
Colour Correction: Guillermina Buzio

Choreographer: Peggy Baker
Soundscape and Projection Designer: Debashis Sinha

Dancers (in order of appearance):
Sahara Morimoto
Meryem Alaoui
Mateo Galindo Torres
Jesse Dell
Louis Laberge-Côté
Sarah Fregeau
Nova Bhattacharya
Zhenya Cerneacov
Ana Groppler
William Yong

Performance Production Team:
Producer: Meredith Potter
Manager, Communication & Enrichment: Nicole Myers
Metcalf Foundation Arts Management Intern: Adiyana Morris
Production Manager: Mikael Kangas

Nuit Blanche Volunteers:
Ric Brown
Caryn Chappell
Chuck Emery
Raya Facey
Kathryn Hjorleifson
Manna Jacobs
Robyn Macdonald
Ayumi Matsuda
Joel McDonald
Emily Nieken
Marco Plancencio
Lucrece Shin
Natalia Sokolova
Sasha Speed
Celine Van der linde
Nicole Zsoter

Posted December 4, 2013