Midi Onodera

Aleatoria (2010)

This year for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche, Peggy Baker Dance Projects created a 12 hour performance from 7pm to 7 am.  12 dancers performed an ever-changing series of duets created from solo works by acclaimed choreographer, Peggy Baker, accompanied by random superimpositions of recordings for electro-acoustic hurdy-gurdy by Ben Grossman. The dance and music continuously re-sequenced themselves to create a real-time composition through the night.

Choreography by: Peggy Baker
Music by: Ben Grossman
Dancers: Kate Alton
Peggy Baker
Nova Bhattacharya
Sylvain Brochu
Sarah Fregeau
David Houle
Sasha Ivanochko
Sean Ling
Sahara Morimoto
Andrea Nann
Jessica Runge
Brodie Stevenson

Performance Production Team:
Stuart Baulch
Ellen Bayley
Patricia Chevers
Katharine Harris
Patrick Mahar
Meredith Potter
Frank Randall
Debashis Sinha

Camera & Editing:
Midi Onodera

Long version:

Short version:

Posted October 9, 2010