Midi Onodera


Proverb for June: A change is as good as sleep
Google Translation: 変化は睡眠と同じくらい良い

Perhaps a result of my fondness for naps, I incorrectly remembered this month’s proverb, “a change is a good as a rest”. However, one can argue that “rest” and “sleep” are similar. According to https://literarydevices.net/ “A change is as good as a rest” is an old English proverb means that changing your job or profession is also as beneficial as taking a break. It also proves restorative.” There are two origins for this proverb, one from an 1825 publication, the Christian Gleaner and Domestic Magazine and the other from the 1890 publication of the Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Whichever way you consider this proverb, change is considered good and as beneficial for one’s outlook in life as a rest or sleep. – Midi Onodera

Posted June 1, 2022