Midi Onodera

Poitu Varen (I will go and I will return)

As an attempt to provide reassurance to loved ones living under the same roof, some Tamil people will say the goodbye greeting “poitu varen” which translates to “I will go and I will return”. The same saying can be used when leaving the home of family and close friends, to respectfully reassure them, the stay was enjoyable and hospitable. Despite the distance I plan to travel, when stepping outside of my home, I say this to my mom as reassurance I will be back. Every time these words are shared, I reflect on the feeling of immense gratitude for the time I’ve spent under the same roof of loved ones. -Myuri Srikugan

Myuri Srikugan is a Scarborough-based interdisciplinary artist, working with mediums of video, photography and digital space. Through art, Myuri finds herself on this constant adventure of self-discovery while addressing issues within and around her. As her art forms develop, she finds new ways to express herself and amplify surrounding community voices.

Posted February 1, 2023