Midi Onodera

Na Kholo (Don’t Open)

“Don’t open an umbrella indoors, it will bring bad luck” was a common superstition in my household while growing up. As someone whose family was displaced during the Partition in India, and eventually had to move to England; the adoption of this superstition into our cultural beliefs was another result of the British colonial influence. In choosing this superstition I wanted to explore the idea that it is not always those who open the umbrella that receive the bad luck. – Millan Singh Khurana

Na Kholo (Don’t Open) is a collaboration between Milan Singh Khurana and Midi Onodera. Born in England but now based in Toronto, Millan Singh Khurana is an interdisciplinary artist of Punjabi descent whose work often utilizes coding, design, photography, and filmmaking. His diverse experiences inspire and inform the focus on identity, mental health, racism, classism, religion, and other social issues throughout his work. Khurana aims to create provocative pieces to inform viewers of external issues around the world, whilst also aiding them to reflect upon the issues they may be struggling with internally.

Posted April 1, 2023