Midi Onodera

my junk

Have you ever noticed that men only refer to their partners as “the wife”? I’ve never met a woman who says “the husband”.

December marks the end of my Classifieds project. It has been an insightful year of online ad discoveries. Although I never actually ended up purchasing anything, I was inspired by the varied announcements, ramblings and anonymous notes posted for public consumption. For the last video in this series, I was moved by an ad selling a plethora of collectables. Surprisingly, after a year of creating and advertising, “my junk” was the only video that received a direct request inquiring about the alleged items for sale: “Hi, Am Alvin by name … do you still have you posting for sale? and How much is the bottom price? Kindly get back to me asap as i want to purchase asap..”

The mobile Vidoodles site received 27 page views for the month of December. I should also note that on Vidoodles.com I received one comment, posted sometime in September, it read: “Loving these… brings about thoughts of how objects, collectibles, lost treasures examine the human need to connect with some(things) we can call our own in this world. And in ways these works represent an anti-thesis to the vacant consumerism that is indulged in by so many people.” The next time you have the urge to post an ad or answer one, be warned it could be an art project in disguise. Thanks for watching!

Posted December 1, 2013