Midi Onodera

letting go

Sometimes closure is the most important thing.

Armed with a new email address, the month of July saw an increase of traffic to the mobile website. There were 40 visitors in total with approximately 60% new visits. The classified ad was posted on 19 new online classified sites internationally under the Announcements or the Events section. This month I contacted the person who originally posted the “Letting Go” ad. I’m not sure if this person replied but I received 3 email messages: “Totally agree. But, to do that, you need acceptance and that can be a very tough place to get to”, “Hi, I have been getting the message of letting go, but of what?” and “How are you? Do you have time to discuss this further?” Judging from the average visit duration, most if not all visitors watched the entire video.

Posted July 1, 2013