Midi Onodera

Jidat Nasi (Rice Forehead)

“Finish your rice, or else your future partner’s forehead won’t be clean” were words that had been engrained in my mind growing up, being told that those who don’t believe in the superstition paid the price. I am in no position to say whether it is true or not, since I do not have a partner yet, but I believe it to be true based on a few encounters with people till now. Regardless of whether it is true or not, I will continue to finish my rice, as I don’t want to waste food either. – Jason Soesilo

Jason Soesilo is a Toronto based Chinese-Indonesian emerging artist whose works investigate cultural traditions, interculturalism, and individuality. His primary media of works revolve around photography and videography. His works has earned him the Photography Award at the Annual Arts, Culture, and Media Student Art Exhibition at the University of Toronto Scarborough, consecutively in 2019 and 2020. He currently works as a freelance lifestyle photographer in Toronto. Jidat Nasi (Rice Forehead) is a collaboration between Jason Soesilo and Midi Onodera.

Posted June 1, 2023