Midi Onodera

Flip the Fish

Back then, villagers in Hong Kong would have to use their boats to sail vast distances across the sea to go fishing. As steamed fish is a significant part of a Hongkongers diet, it is forbidden to flip the fish over to eat the other side as it symbolizes capsizing the fisherman’s boat. Next time you go to a Chinese restaurant, notice how the servers prepare and debone your steamed fish. -Erin Lam

Erin Lam is a Mississauga born, Chinese Canadian artist who has a deep passion for storytelling through art. She creates using both visual and performing arts, including sculpture, video, and dance. As a child, she was privileged with access to many different art forms which fostered her love for art. “Flip the Fish” is a collaboration between Erin Lam and Midi Onodera.

Posted September 1, 2023