Midi Onodera

Even Monkeys Fall From Trees

PROVERB for August: The higher the monkey climbs the more he shows his tail.
Google translation: 猿が高く登るほど、尻尾を見せます。
According to Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias this month’s proverb originally appeared in the Wycliffe version of the bible in 1395: “The filthe of her foli aperith more, as the filthe of the hynd partis of an ape aperith more, whanne he stieth on high.” In a more contemporary form, Sir Francis Bacon wrote in Promus (1594-6), “He doth like the ape that the higher he clymbes the more he shows his ars.”
In other words, “when an unsuitable person is promoted, the more obvious their inadequacies become.” I am sure we have all seen many monkey’s tails or arses.

Posted August 1, 2022