Midi Onodera

Big Rig Travels

This month’s video pays homage to two men who are committed to their work and who continue to show us different ways of seeing the world. All the footage was shot by Steve who runs a website  and YouTube channel

Since 2008, Steve has been live streaming his trucking adventures across the US. He currently has 40.3K subscribers and provides a mesmerizing view of America through his windshield. In these days of Covid-19, the world has come to understand the fragile balance of our supply chain and how much we owe to dedicated truckers such as Steve. So next time you’re frustrated by those large trucks carrying their loads down the highway, I hope you pause and think of Steve and silently thank him for his service.

The other man, is Lorne Marin. A filmmaker beyond anyone’s imagination. This video pays tribute to Lorne’s masterpiece, “Trains of Thought” (1983).  This short film has pierced my film memory with it’s beauty and craftsmanship. The original film was rotoscoped a pain-staking process of re-photographing images one frame at a time. Today, this is achieved by a simple video effect. Thank you Lorne, for your insight, grace and films that stand the test of time.


Posted June 1, 2020