Midi Onodera

an eye for an eye

In Egypt, Lebanon and in many Middle Eastern cultures, the evil eye is a form of protection from a curse that causes misfortune. The amulet can be worn through jewelry or placed around the house and other spaces to ward off evil spirits. The Evil Eye interests me because it is a reminder for me to stay humble with my achievements without flaunting them to protect myself from envy or jealousy that surrounds me that I am unaware of. – Reem Al-Wakeal

The January video is a collaboration between Reem Al-Wakeal and me.
Reem Al-Wakeal is a Toronto based multidisciplinary creative of Egyptian and Lebanese descent. She works with different mediums including video, photography, design and occasionally artist multiples. Her works explore themes of nature and identity such as culture and religion. As an emerging artist, she continues to explore different topics and mediums of work through research. Reem has had her work featured in ARTSIDEOUT, Gallery 1265, in/progress Magazine, the Annual Juried Art Exhibition the Annual ACM Studio Art Exhibition at the University of Toronto, Beaver Hall Gallery, and Trinity Square.

Posted January 1, 2023