Midi Onodera


Emoticons: Do people really know what they mean?

This month’s video saw a total of 75 visitors to the mobile website, Vidoodles.com. Similar to last month, there were 40 new visitors and a returning 35. The video ad was placed in the “announcements” or “items to trade” section of 55 different online classified sites. As we do every month, two cycles of postings were uploaded to these sites under multiple North American and International cities. I thought the subject of Justin Bieber would have generated more views, perhaps my decision to reference emoticons in the title was too obscure. That’s the interesting thing about this project, other than statistics supplied by Google Analytics and the occasional email, there is no way to really gauge the viewing rate or discover what people think when they see the video. This month, the QR code was modified to incorporate the Vidoodles logo and code/link to the website. I was curious to see if more people would be attracted to use the QR code based on the new design. We implemented the change during the second round of classified postings but so far the number of people did not change based on the QR code design.

Posted August 1, 2013