Midi Onodera

Distribution — I have no memory of my direction

Now you can purchase Onodera’s feature-length, experimental, narrative video. “I have no memory of my direction” (Canada 77 min. 2005) fuses a contemporary North American experience with a fragmented image of Japan as it follows the account of a Canadian-born Japanese woman. Ostensibly searching for an emotional connection with her aging father, the woman contemplates her own inherited culture and familial ties. This video bridges gaps between a diasporic imagination and lived experience as it moves through the disjointed notions of cultural identity, memory and belonging.

The full version of  “I Have No Memory of My Direction” which makes use of a wide range of formats such as: digital video, super 8, Lomographic Supersampler, Barbie Wireless Videocam, IntelDigital camera, Tyco & Trendmaster toy video cameras

With additional material:
A comprehensive study guide
A creative interview with the director
Director’s Filmography
A compelling photo gallery
Read a review by Kristin W. Springer in the on-line journal “Films for the Feminist Classroom” at: http://ffc.twu.edu/issue_1-1/rev_Springer_1-1.html

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