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Nokia Mobifest – Toronto 2009

“Fish Tales” (June 1) has been selected as a finalist for this year’s Nokia Mobifest. The winners will be announced on November 7 at a gala presentation at the Revue Cinema. https://www.facebook.com/Mobifest-121140158626/

LIVE FILM! JACK SMITH! Five Flaming Days in a Rented World

New Films and Performances – Over 50 International Guests – Superstar Mario Montez Live!

Slightseer (2001) now playing at Cinema Arsenal, Berlin

The Asian Women’s Film Festival in Berlin is almost over. The five day festival (Oct. 15 -20) features work by Asian women. According to their catalogue, “(w)hile gender and ethnicity play a significant role in our programme, it is not intended to be an exclusive criterion for selection. Rather, the festival is conceived as a platform […]

Hamburg International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival celebrates 20 years!

Also in Germany, this month, the Hamburg International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival or Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg  is celebrating its’ 20th anniversary from Oct. 20 -25. Back in 1995, I had three films in the festival: A Performance by Jack Smith (1984-92), Ten Cents A Dance (Parallax) (1985) and Skin Deep (1995). I contributed an article […]

Tributaries: Reflections of Aiko Suzuki (2009)

On Thursday Oct. 22, Open Studio will be co-presenting the DVD launch of Tributaries: Reflections of Aiko Suzuki. The project has been several years in the making and is inspired by the work and life of this prolific Canadian artist. For more details, see the press release. Thursday Oct. 22, 2009 Reception 6 – 9 […]

TUFF: Watch and Vote September 11-20

This year’s Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF) runs from September 11 – 20. Broadcast daily, these 1 minute silent shorts play on a network of 270 TTC subway platform screens across the city. This year, centrally located on the north and southbound platforms of the Bloor subway station, there will be 4 screens dedicated to […]

Vidoodle: Creating an everyday video amusement

Marty Spellerberg, artist and website site designer extraordinaire, has been working on a zine publication, both online and hard copy version. I have contributed a short piece for him on my short web movies. Check it out. halfempty.com

the basement girl (2000) on the REGENERATION TOUR

Once again I apologize for the late news. In celebration of the CFMDC’s 40th anniversary, they commissioned and toured 14 films in 16 cities across Canada. the basement girl (2000) was honored by Susan Justin’s Crushed (2008). “…Crushed ends with the monitor being wiped clean while the CSI team inspects severed limbs, a fitting nod […]

I have no memory of my direction (2005) : A new kind of classroom text

Last year I promised myself that I would try and post a news item each month. Well I made it to Dec. but obviously forgot to renew my commitment on Jan. 1 09. Here we are into June and sadly this is my first post. John J. Meier for EDUCATIONAL media reviews online (EMRO) and […]

Bittersweet: 365 Movies

The Toronto Reel Asian concluded on November 16 with their awards ceremony. A-movie-a-day won an honorable mention. Kass Banning, Reel Asian juror said: “Forward-looking on toy cameras, posted one-a-day videos on small format show poetic beauty and smarts.” Although I am pleased at the acknowledgement I confess it’s a bit bittersweet. A week after this […]