Midi Onodera


I’m not Jonas Mekas, but I actually started to post a movie a day online back on May 17, 2006. This website is conceived as a year-long small video format project where I will post a new short movie each day for 365 days. Intended as a diminutive slice of life in short form, the daily movies provide a brisk commentary on the world around us – at times funny, often thought-provoking, sometimes unsettling.

Each day a new FREE short movie will be posted online at 12:01 EST. Every movie is uniquely different and the collection spans a wide variety of subject matter and digital aesthetics. The shorts, running between 30 seconds and 1 minute, are shot with various consumer toy camera and digital video formats. Specifically designed and conceived for the tiny screen, the movies can be downloaded through iTunes and played on cell phones or iPods.

Inspired by an old newspaper concept – of “today’s thought” or “a smile a day”, these miniature movies are meant to be consumed daily, in between a coffee and a donut. They are designed as bite size video moments – an aperitif before a hearty meal.

Posted October 30, 2006