Midi Onodera

Under New Management: Video Store Alternative Payment

Since 2013, DVDs of my work have been included in an innovative project by independent curators Suzanne Carte and Su-Ying Lee. ‘Under New Management: Video Store’ is an exhibition that takes the form of a video rental store that carries artists’ video and trades in alternative currency. ‘Customers’ can pay however they wish, be it with cash, an exchange, a critique, or nothing. I recently received ‘payment’ in the mail from the exhibition’s stop in Calgary at The New Gallery. This package included a painted clay relief, a hand-made button, a ‘zine about the ‘customer’s’ experience at the video store exhibition, and a very kind note. I am very happy to have been involved in this alternative distribution/exchange exhibition and thank the customers for their thoughtful payment.


Posted April 8, 2016