Midi Onodera

Tributaries: Reflections of AIKO SUZUKI (2009)

With this DVD, Midi Onodera has collaborated with three women artists: writer Joy Kogawa, new music composer Ann Southam and visual artist Grace Channer to produce three videos inspired by Suzuki.

Supplementary material includes a biographical profile on Suzuki and interviews with the artist creators of these tributes.


Interview  Transcripts

Tributaries: Reflections of Aiko Suzuki

Video still from interview with Aiko Suzuki
Video still from ‘Portrait of the Artist as a Donkey’

DVD Contents:
Artists’ Projects:

Spatial View of Pond
Inspired by a Suzuki painting of the same name, new music composer, Ann Southam’s exquisite, minimal piano work accompanies a lyrical visualization of three of Suzuki’s artworks.

Portrait of the Artist as a Donkey (9:23)
In this video poem, acclaimed writer and poet, Joy Kogawa, pays homage to Suzuki’s life. Shifting between the busy movements of an urban landscape and the graceful textures of nature, this mesmerizing piece is a quiet reflection on living as an artist in contemporary times.

Estuary (4:06)
Visual artist Grace Channer employs digital animation techniques to create visual poetry from Suzuki’s gestural actions. Together with a hauntingly eloquent soundtrack by Chiyoko Szlavnics, “Estuary” is an interchange between stillness and action.

video still from Estuary
Video still from ‘Estuary’

Artist Interviews:
Ann Southam (10:36)
Joy Kogawa (10:16)
Grace Channer (10:03)
Chiyoko Szlavnics (8:08)

Aiko Suzuki Biography:
In Conversation with Kerri Sakamoto & Midi Onodera
Aiko Suzuki: Early Works
Midi Onodera Remembering Aiko

Video still from interview with Aiko Suzuki

Produced with the assistance of The Canada Council for the Arts


Artists’ Projects:
Spatial View of Pond

Portrait of the Artist as a Donkey


Artist Interviews:

Aiko Suzuki Biography:

Watch a preview:

Posted October 6, 2009

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