Midi Onodera
Moving Image Artist


my junk

Posted December 1, 2013

Have you ever noticed that men only refer to their partners as “the wife”? I’ve never met a woman who says “the husband”.

pet stains

Posted November 1, 2013

Lady Macbeth had this problem as well. “Out, damned spot! out, I say!” – Macbeth Act 5, Scene 1

secrets to retiring in Thailand

Posted October 1, 2013

Since gay marriage is not yet legal in Thailand, this is for straight men only.

home sweet home

Posted September 1, 2013

Every house has its’ ghosts.


Posted August 1, 2013

Emoticons: Do people really know what they mean?

letting go

Posted July 1, 2013

Sometimes closure is the most important thing.

Item for Sale

Posted June 1, 2013

Mener la belle vie

lost & found?

Posted May 1, 2013

Some people’s gains are other people’s losses.

spiritual alignment coach

Posted April 1, 2013

you may not think you need one, but…

you were drunk

Posted March 1, 2013

Could this be you?