The Sky’s the Limit

Posted January 1, 2016

What does 2016 mean to you?

future projections 3

Posted December 1, 2015

Cemeteries are never just for the dead.

future projections 2

Posted November 1, 2015

Sometimes what you see isn’t really there.

future projections

Posted September 30, 2015

My mind’s eye has a brain of it’s own.

developmental measures 3

Posted September 1, 2015

Apophenia is a human tendency of perceiving patterns or connections in random or meaningless information.

developmental measures 2

Posted August 4, 2015

Water is a powerful philosophical element.

developmental measures

Posted July 1, 2015

It’s just a cat and mouse game.

strategic growth 3

Posted June 1, 2015

“Fun” is in the word funicular.

strategic growth 2

Posted May 1, 2015

Perspective is everything.

strategic growth

Posted April 1, 2015

Because everyone gets hungry.