Midi Onodera
Moving Image Artist


but is it art?

Posted January 1, 2011

The call of nature trumps theoretical discussions and critical thought.

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we stand on guard

Posted December 25, 2010

Canadians: known for their cultural diversity or intolerance of difference. You choose.

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desperate measures

Posted December 12, 2010

Do you ever feel as though you need a holiday from your vacation?

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California Dreaming

Posted December 1, 2010

As the cliché goes, the road to fame is covered in potholes.

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the fitting room

Posted November 12, 2010

Patience is always a virtue.

coast to coast

Posted October 12, 2010

Until you’ve walked a mile in my (floppy) shoes, don’t even think about complaining about your job.

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Posted September 12, 2010

A simple misunderstanding can lead to disconcerting consequences

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recurring nightmare

Posted August 11, 2010

Rational or not, everyone has their fears

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cross dissolve into middle age

Posted July 12, 2010

This is the day I renew my gym membership and go on a diet (again).

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Posted June 12, 2010

This is what happens when you push all the buttons.