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Vidoodle: Creating an everyday video amusement

Marty Spellerberg, artist and website site designer extraordinaire, has been working on a zine publication, both online and hard copy version. I have contributed a short piece for him on my short web movies. Check it out. halfempty.com

the basement girl (2000) on the REGENERATION TOUR

Once again I apologize for the late news. In celebration of the CFMDC’s 40th anniversary, they commissioned and toured 14 films in 16 cities across Canada. the basement girl (2000) was honored by Susan Justin’s Crushed (2008). “…Crushed ends with the monitor being wiped clean while the CSI team inspects severed limbs, a fitting nod […]

I have no memory of my direction (2005) : A new kind of classroom text

Last year I promised myself that I would try and post a news item each month. Well I made it to Dec. but obviously forgot to renew my commitment on Jan. 1 09. Here we are into June and sadly this is my first post. John J. Meier for EDUCATIONAL media reviews online (EMRO) and […]

Bittersweet: 365 Movies

The Toronto Reel Asian concluded on November 16 with their awards ceremony. A-movie-a-day won an honorable mention. Kass Banning, Reel Asian juror said: “Forward-looking on toy cameras, posted one-a-day videos on small format show poetic beauty and smarts.” Although I am pleased at the acknowledgement I confess it’s a bit bittersweet. A week after this […]

Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival

Last night marked the opening of the 12th annual Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival. To quote the festival website, “(t)he Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival is a unique showcase of contemporary Asian cinema and work from the Asian diaspora. Works include films and videos by East and Southeast Asian artist in Canada, the […]

Mobifest Lunch Interview

Back in the heat of summer, Lesley Chan and I had lunch with Christina at Mobifest. The photo on their website was taken with one of my favorite digital still cameras: the Vtech Kidizoom camera. This kid-friendly model comes with two viewfinders, so you never have to squint. The camera so impressed our waitress that […]

REVIEW: Passionate ideas behind the flickering lights of film

Xtra.ca recently reviewed Mike Hoolboom’s book “Practical Dreamers”. Is it possible for someone’s work to become well-known as “under recognized”? Hmmm….   https://www.dailyxtra.com/books-mike-hoolbooms-practical-dreamers-37688

TUFF September 5 -12

The Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF) – the subway platform-friendly festival for commuters happens September 5 –12 during the same time at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). This year I have two entries: “Privacy” and “I Could Never Forget You”. “Privacy” is a short about being a private person with a public persona and […]


May 13th—An Evening with the ‘Practical Dreamers’ This Is Not A Reading Series launches a new book on Canada’s most exciting fringe filmmakers ‘The streets are full of admirable craftsmen, but so few practical dreamers.’ – Man Ray What if movies were made the same way as suits: custom fitted, each one tailored for one […]

Asian Heritage Month

The Reel Asian Film Festival, Coach House Books and the Toronto Public Library will celebrate Asian Heritage Month with an event on May 6th featuring short films and live discussions with filmmakers featured in the new book, Reel Asian: Asian Canada On Screen. On Tuesday, May 6, celebrate Asian Heritage Month with the Toronto Public Library. […]