Kicking Around (2014)

2014 is the international year of crystallography. Not only is crystallography really cool and beautiful, it has also informed the development of contemporary industry, medicine, and technology. It is sometimes the smallest things that have the largest impact! This year’s project revolves around found footage: 8mm home movies, discarded ephemeral films, and other footage collected […]

The Perfect Word (2014)

The Perfect Word is a dance installation that features ten dancers in successive six-minute solos; it was performed over 12 continuous hours for Nuit Blanche Toronto 2014. The dancers use movement, voice and projected image to describe the symbolic meaning of a single word in their mother tongues. The installation was co-produced by Peggy Baker […]

The Classifieds (2013)

2013. I predict this is going to be one lucky year. One free of economic cliffs, gun violence and war in the Middle East. We need to think positive because the only thing that stops positive thinking is negative thinking or something like that. But here are a few of my predictions: I see a […]

The Grand Design (2012)

9:37 min. experimental narrative
Super 8 original, final digital video

Grief Without Fantasy (2012)

1:22 min. video poetry
digital video

On Holiday (2012)

1:20 min. video poetry
digital video

Use These Poems (2012)

55 sec. video poetry
digital video

Night Garden (2012)

3:37 min. time lapse documentation (superimposition version)
digital video

Night Garden (2012)

13:32 min. time lapse documentation
digital video