The Grand Design (2012)

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Filmed in scrumptious outdated super 8, The Grand Design is a glimpse into the reflections of a dying burlesque performer. Vintage black and white clips from stag films of the 1950s are juxtaposed against a muted Tuscan landscape, the home and final resting place of the unnamed woman. The Grand Design is an unapologetic look back at an unconventional life, lived to its fullest, in an almost forgotten moment of pop culture.

Commissioned by the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) for the 30th Anniversary
Produced with the assistance of the Canada Council for the Arts
Previous screenings:
30 x 30: Newly Commissioned Works (LIFT), AGO Jackman Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Jan 2012
30 x 30: One Night of Super 8 Films for Thirty Years of LIFT, Museum London, London, Ontario, Oct 2012


  • Written & Directed by: Midi Onodera
  • Italian Translation & Voice-over: Silvana Longo
  • Recorded & Mixed by: Chandra Bulucon
  • Mixing Facilities: Puppy Machine
  • Thanks to: Ben Donoghue, Karl Reinsalu, Konrad Skreta, Charles Street Video, Niagara Custom Lab

In the series 2012-2014