Then/Now (1988)

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This program was produced for the Canadian television series, “Inside Stories” that showcased stories from Canada’s diverse multicultural communities. Then/Now is the story of a young Japanese-Canadian woman who is torn between her father’s desire for her to take over the family flower shop business and her dreams of being a writer. This show went through extensive censorship from the network due to the inclusion of an on- screen lesbian kiss during prime time television.

Principal Credits

  • Writer: Midi Onodera
  • Producers: Paul de Silva, Ann O’Brien
  • Director: Richard Flower


  • Denise Fujiwara
  • Art Irizawa
  • Cordella Strube
  • Susan Cox
  • Marine McPhail
  • Denis Akiyama
  • Ric Sarabia

In the series 1988-1992